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Related article: Date: Sat, 29 Mar 2008 08:07:42 -0700 (PDT) From: Jay Michaelson Subject: charlie likes to be stripped - 7Charlie Likes to be Stripped - 7 by James Michaelson showingoffsoxyahoo.comCorey and his father, Chip, invited Charlie to spend the weekend with them at their condominium. Since Chad was still sick, he couldn't make it. Charlie loved the big high-rise that Corey and his dad lived in, and he noticed as soon as he arrived that both of them were walking around in their underwear. He noticed another high-rise next door. "Can orbita starmedia nymphet anyone from the other building see you in your underwear?""Hope book nymphets art photo so," said Corey with a grin. "Let me show you around," he said as he led the boy through a tour. As Charlie walked past the big windows with no curtains, he wondered who from the building next door were watching him and Corey walking around in just underwear. He got excited thinking about it and popped a boner. "Hey, want to go for a swim before real nymphet nude art dinner?""Sure!" agreed Charlie. "But, I didn't bring a suit.""Who cares?" said Corey with a laugh, "Dad, me and Charlie are going for a swim!" he said as he grabbed a couple of towels and headed out. Corey wrapped a towel around his waist to cover his tightie whities, and Charlie did the same, though he had on white briefs with baseball pictures all over them.As they walked to the pool, the boys dropped their towels and dove in wearing just their briefs. Charlie couldn't help but think of all the people in the building who could watch them swimming in wet undies. He noticed that Corey's white briefs became see-through when they got wet, exposing his boner and his pubic hair! Charlie looked down and, sure enough, pussy girl sweet nymphet you could see his boner showing through topless nymphets the thin, wet material too!To make things even more intense for Charlie, as he swam, Corey kept yanking on his briefs! He would pull them part-way down before Charlie would swim away. A couple of times the head of Charlie's dick popped up above the waistband before nymphet elwebb Charlie pulled them back up. The friction was getting him more excited, and he loved the tingling feeling.The next time Charlie swam past Corey, he pulled on the boy's undies and gave them a good yank, and pulled them all alfa nymphet the way off. Before he knew it, Charlie was swimming naked! Anyone in the high-rise buildings could see his naked butt or, when he flopped over, his hard cock.The pair continued to swim, Charlie naked and Corey in almost transparent briefs. And every so often, Corey would reach out and give Charlie's cock a few strokes, getting the boy more excited. Finally Corey said they had better get out nymphette website video so his dad could order a pizza. It took Charlie a few minutes to find his undies, but he finally did and pulled them on.The boys wrapped their towels around themselves and got onto the elevator along with two men who smiled at the boys. As the elevator doors shut, the boys let their towels drop, exposing nymphet modles their soaking wet undies and dicks and pubic hair showing right through the thin underpants. The two men smiled with approval and enjoyed the show on the ride up."Just in time," said Chip as they walked in the door to the condo. "The pizza guy will be here any minute. Can you play him please? I left money on the counter."Just a few minutes after he went to take a shower, the doorbell rang. young nymphet models tgp Corey and Charlie answered the door, and the cute, young pizza delivery guy just stared at the boys speechless for a few minutes. He couldn't stop looking at their boners showing through their see-through nymphet photos bbs wet undies. "Oh, uh, wow..." he finally said, "Uh, I mean, fifteen bucks please."The boys kept smiling at him, and he smiled back, but kept looking at their cute nymphets lollipop dicks poking against their transparent underwear. As he looked at the younger boy with the undies with baseball pictures, he noticed the boy reach down to rub his hard cock through the wet material. Then he looked over to see the older boy in tightie whities rubbing his.This was too much for Kent, the delivery boy. When Corey handed him a twenty, he reached into his pocket to get change. But he took a long time, and rather than look for money, just nymphets bbs teens began to move his hand. Almost without thinking, he was pushing his hand deeper and deeper into his pocket to rub his cock which was starting to get hard. The more he pushed his hand into his pocket, the more his shorts began to slip down."Oh, uh, you can keep the change," said Corey, still smiling."Cool, thanks," said Kent, but he continued to fish around inside his pocket, his hand simultaneously rubbing his dick and pushing his shorts down. He kept staring at the boys' crotches, saying, "Oh man, oh wow." He pushed his hand down into his pocket one more time, and his loose shorts fell down to his ankles. "Oh, man, I'm sorry.""That's O.K.," said Corey, "We're child nymphet yo nude in our underwear too. No problem.""Yeah, and those are cute Spongebob boxers!" said Charlie, now rubbing himself even faster."Oh, uh, thanks," said Kent, looking down at his exposed underwear, not sure if he should be embarrassed or turned on."Yeah, cute undies," said Corey, going up to Kent and putting his arm around him and then kissing him.Forgetting everything now, Kent pulled his feet out of his sneaks and shorts and stood in his socks and boxers kissing Corey. Then he realized he felt tugging and that his boxers were being pulled down. Without thinking, he just stepped right nymphet pedo video out of his underwear. Then he couldn't believe what he felt next. There was a mouth on nymphets bbs porn his hard cock! The younger boy was down on his knees, sucking him off! Kent moaned as Corey continued kissing him.Charlie pulled off Corey's wet briefs as well as his own, then alternated between sucking on the pizza boy's cock and Corey's.Kent was in ecstacy! He couldn't believe he was kissing nymphets sweet free this cute naked guy with another cute naked guy giving him a blowjob! As he got close to cumming, he began to grunt and moan louder and louder. He grabbed Corey and pulled him close and clamped down on his mouth and tongue. Then he let out a yell and began pumping his load into Charlie's eager mouth. As the orgasm subsided, Kent said, "Wow, man, oh boy, that was awesome! Thanks guys!" He pulled his boxers back up and headed for the door. "Next time you order a pizza, ask for Kent!" he said, walking out the door in his t-shirt, boxers and socks.When the door closed behind Kent, Charlie said, "Hey! He forgot his shorts and his sneakers! He left in just his socks and underwear!""Maybe he wants an excuse to come back," said Corey, smiling. "Let's go have some pizza."After dinner the boys put on clean underwear, briefs plus t-shirts and socks, then headed for Corey's room to watch TV; Corey had bought some DVD's for them to watch. Corey also opened his blinds. He knew that the older man who lived across and up one floor from him liked to watch, and Corey loved to give him a show. Corey glanced at the window and noticed movement behind the dark windows; he knew his friend was watching.As the boys watched a movie, Corey put his arm around Charlie, and the boy nestled his head against his friend's chest. Corey began to rub Charlie on his back, then began sliding his hand over his chest, and down to his lap." Corey said, "Are you having fun?""Oh yeah," said Charlie, "staying with you reminds me of when my babysitter would come over a few years ago.""Oh really?""Yeah, we would sit and watch TV like this. He liked to rub my like you are doing now.""That's great," said Corey, "Did you guys sit in your underwear like this?""Yeah, we ended up in our underwear after the game.""Game?" asked Corey."Yeah," said Charlie, "We played a game called 'clothes eating monster' where he would be the monster and chase me around. Whenever he caught me he would eat another piece of my clothes. First my shoes, then my shirt, then my pants. Then when I was down to my socks and underwear, I would be the monster and chase him. Then I would shy nymphets biz eat his shoes, nude nymphet stars shirt and pants too, and we would both be in our socks and underwear.""That sounds like fun," said Corey. He realized as Charlie was telling the story, he was rubbing the boy's boner through his underpants."Yeah it was, and we did other things , like 'tickle monster' too," continued Charlie. "That was when I was down to my underpants, and he would tickle me until I peed myself. Then he would make me stay in my wet underwear.""Wow, all night?" asked Corey."Sometimes, unless we played 'laundromat.' That was when he would tell me to wet myself while I was still completely dressed. Like once we were eating dinner and I had to go, and he said to wet myself so we could play 'laundromat.' So I let my pee go, and it got my underpants and pants and shoes and socks all totally soaked! There was a puddle of pee on the floor under my chair!""Wow, that's hot!" said Corey."Yeah, it felt good! So then we went down to the laundromat down the street. There were a couple of guys already there, so they saw us. I had to take off my sneakers, then take off all my clothes, my shirt, my pants, my underpants and even my socks because everything was soaked in pee. So then he put all my clothes in the washer while I stood there naked.""That must have been exciting!" said Corey."Yeah I started to get a boner in front of the guys who were there. And I noticed my babysitter had one and the other guys were getting boners too. Then my babysitter said that he better wash his clothes too, so he undressed right there too. Then we went back outside and walked home naked. That was fun! Walking around naked! A couple more guys saw us!""That sounds great!" said Corey. He had become aware that the door had opened slightly and his dad was peeking in at them and listening. Corey had also been rubbing Charlie's dick through his underwear faster and faster as the boy told his story."It was fun, and we kept playing with our boners the whole time. So when it was time for our laundry to be done, we walked down pillowcase nymphet art the street and the guys were still there. We were both really excited from walking around naked and playing with our boners. So my babysitter pulled our clothes out of the dryer and was going to dress me. He put my socks on my feet for me first. Then he got my underpants and helped me step into them. As he slid them up, the warm fabric brushed against my boner and I couldn't control myself anymore. I started to cum right there!""Wow, really?""Yeah, I was standing there, and I felt a tingling in my whole body, and I began to shoot my cum inside my underpants. The guys were looking at me the whole time. I told my babysitter I was sorry 'cause I had messed nympho dorki up my clean underpants, but he said it was OK and he gave me a hug and a kiss.""Like this?" said Corey as he leaned forward and began to kiss Charlie. They kissed for a few minutes, then Corey stopped to pull their t-shirts off and lead Charlie to bed. Corey knew that they had an audience - the guy in the other building watching through the window and his dad peeking at the door. Corey made sure to keep the light on so they could be seen.Corey and Charlie continued to embrace and kiss lying on Corey's bed. Corey pulled down his briefs along with Charlie's so their hard cocks could rub together. Soon Charlie slid down and took Corey's dick into his mouth. Corey shifted so he could do the same to his friend. After a few minutes of licking and sucking each other's erections, both boys shot their loads as they tasted the creamy cum of his friend filling his own mouth. Both boys kept sucking as they pumped their loads into the other's mouth.After they last drops of cum had oozed out of their dicks, Corey pulled Charlie close, and the boy fell asleep in his arms.The next day nymphet nude models Corey took Charlie to the movies. Corey was excited to see that Charlie was wearing white shorts that showed off his Pokemon briefs nicely; the bright colors showed through as if Charlie had no shorts on at all. He also wore a t-shirt, white socks and sneakers.As the two stood in line to buy tickets, Corey stood directly behind his new friend. He was running his hands on the boys shoulders and down his chest as Charlie leaned back against him. Then Corey's hands slid to Charlie's shorts where they began to rub the boy's erection through his clothes. As they moved up to the ticket seller, Corey noticed that the boy at the counter was watching them but trying not to look as if he were. Discretely Corey slid his hands down into Charlie's shorts, pushing them down and exposing his undies and the hard-on that was tenting them.The boy at the counter was still watching as the two walked away with their tickets, Charlie's shorts still pushed down some exposing his underpants. The pair easily found seats in the almost-empty theater, but Corey noticed a boy about the same age as Charlie sitting by himself right in front of them.As soon as the lights went down, Corey kicked off his shoes. He used his socked feet to pry Charlie's sneakers off his feet. Corey kicked the shoes up under the seat in front of them where the boy was sitting. He could see the boy look down to find the erotic nymphettes shoes under his seat.Next Corey reached over and took a hold of Charlie's thin shorts. He gave them a yank, and a ripping sound was heard. He now had the attention of the boy sitting in front of them who turned and looked. With him watching, Corey again pulled on Charlie's shorts, tearing the front of them and exposing his friend's undies. The boy in front of them was now mesmerized by seeing Charlie lose his shorts. Corey gave another yank and, with a gasp from Charlie, completely ripped the front of the shorts away. Corey pulled off the remains of the nymphet nude models shorts and dropped the torn fabric pieces onto the floor.The boy in front of them was now more interested in what was happening behind him than in the movie, so he got up and walked to the 15 y o nymphets row behind, taking a seat next to Corey. The boy watched as Corey pulled Charlie's t-shirt off of him and tossed it away. Charlie now sat in just his undies and socks.Corey noticed the boy rubbing the boner in his own shorts as he watched him stripping Charlie. Corey leaned over and began to strip the boy. First he pulled the boy's sneakers off and tossed them away, then unbuttoned and pulled of his shirt. Finally he unzipped the boy's shorts and pulled them down, revealing multi-colored briefs. The boy moaned and gasped with pleasure as he felt Corey stripping his clothes off him.Corey too was excited; he ripped his own shirt of, popping all the buttons. He stood up, unzipped and pulled down his jeans, then kicked them off. He got down on the floor in front of the boy, pulled away the front of his briefs, and took the boy's cock into his mouth. As he sucked nude nymphette pictures on the moaning boy's erection, he felt Charlie pull down his own underwear and start sucking on his cock. Corey glanced down and could see Charlie lying on nymphet pedo video in his underwear on nymphets girlies the floor, his head in Corey's lap giving him a blowjob as he humped the floor, rubbing his briefs-clad boner on the carpeting.As Corey worked the boy's underpants off of him, leaving him naked in his seat, he could hear the boy moan with pleasure. Corey could also feel the boy's cock twitching and pulsing in his mouth. Corey's own dick was twitching inside Charlie's mouth as he neared orgasm. Corey also realized he was naked, and looked down again at Charlie. By humping the floor, Charlie's underpants had been pushed down so far that Charlie went ahead and kicked them off. Now all three boys were naked in the theater.Suddenly the boy let out a loud grunt, and Corey felt his creamy jizz fill his mouth. That made him cum, and he was shooting his load into Charlie's eager mouth. As Charlie sucked in every drop of Corey's cum, the boy spilled his own load all over the carpeted floor. Now satiated, all three boys pulled their briefs back on and sat down to finish watching the movie. Both Charlie and the boy next to Corey fell asleep, leaning against Corey.When the lights came up, the boy panicked and quickly began searching for his clothes. But Corey and Charlie, forgetting they were wearing only underpants and socks, walked out of the theater in their undies to the giggles and smirks of the few other boys around. That is except for the boy at the ticket counter, who finally shot his load inside his pants seeing the two in their undies.
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